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Facts about Me
> I love to go hiking and on adventure trails. This helps me often think of adventurous and innovative solutions to critical problems.
> Being a trained classical singer, I introduce new rhythm into my designs.
> I am good at finding an organization among my disorganized belongings and this helps me be clinical and find patterns during my research.
> And Yes, you may have guessed it by now; my favorite color is Green.

In the past year and a half, whenever some old friends of mine have met me, they always ask me as to what I am doing in the United States of America. And I humbly reply to them saying, “I am pursuing a Masters degree in HCI to become a skilled UX Designer”. And then they bring up the inevitable question since they heard the word ‘DESIGNER’. “So you design clothes?”, they ask. I politely correct them by saying, “No I am a User Experience Designer, I design for things, products and services around you to be better and understand you as a customer”.

Yes indeed, that is what I do day in and day out. I search for design problems anywhere and everywhere I can. Then I research these problems, talk to people, see people interacting with problematic designs and design better solutions.

Marc Hassenzahl, Professor for “Experience and Interaction” at the Folkwang University of Arts in Essen, describes experience as something that is a story etched in your memory, something that you remember and communicate to others. I completely agree with his opinion. I strive to deliver this end experience in the simplest possible form so that we can easily use the things around us. In this process it is extremely important to understand the end user and also the context of design problem. Researching to understand the nuances that may arise due to differences in people and the context forms the foundation of a strong design. To sum it all up, my job is to evaluate the current systems and come up with more usable and enjoyable ways to use these systems.

I am currently in my final semester, as a graduate student at the University of Michigan School of Information. I am inclined towards both the research end of User experience as well as the design. I like to find a problem, unearth more mysteries about the problem and finally present a probable solution to the problem. I love to ideate, sketch and make markings on paper and on white boards till the white in them is barely visible. I also resort to aimless and endless writing at times.